Our story.

PORTSTECH is a company specialized in underwater maintenance and repairs services in general, we are always working to achieve customers satisfaction, providing transparence, fast communications , latest technology, effectiveness, commitment with safety and Reasonable costs.

On all of our services we offer.

Detailed reports every day

Fast reply on customer’s questions

Updated HD pictures of undergoing works

Accurate service programming combining weather forecasts with Vessels berthing schedule 

Hull Cleaning services delivered with quality

Trustful information delivered after inspections

Expertise, Trained man power

We perform a wide range of underwater services and marine support, among which we highlight the following:

Underwater Inspection with HD images at CCTV;

Propeller Cleaning & Polishing;

Inspections with technical report;

Thickness measurement;

Hull blanks;

Cutting, welding and grinding;

Full Hull Cleaning, including Grids and rudder;

Photography and video in HD;

Search and recovery of submerged material;

Water jetting;

Cleaning of drains and bow thruster;

High definition photography and video systems and high power led lighting , to the better definition and maximum quality.

We would like draw your attention that our company PORTSTECH is ready to offer you our holds cleaning/washing operation, conducted by shore cleaning gang, for preparation of cargo holds + compartments for loading grains or other cargoes. On all of our services we offer:

Detailed reports every day;

Fast reply on customer’s questions;

Updated HD pictures of undergoing works;

Accurate service programming combining weather forecasts with;

Vessels berthing schedule;

Holds Cleaning services delivered with quality;

Trustful information delivered after inspections;


Trained man power;

Reasonable costs.

See below some images before and after the application of our services.

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